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Some scholarship funds may be available. Please contact us to speak with Director Rohini Pathak for more information.


Hours: 7:30 AM- 6:00 PM

​Fee: $1725/month for 5 days per week



Hours: 7:30-6:00 PM

Fee: $1585/month for 3 days per week


Hours: 8:00 AM- 12:00 PM

Fee: $1375.00/month for 5 days per week


Hours: 9:00 AM- 3:00 PM

​Fee: $1550/month for 5 days per week

​Fee: $1365/month for 3 days per week

Annual Fee:

Total Anunal Fee:       $780

Facilities Fee:              $240

Insurance Fee:            $325

Materials Fee:             $215

​A non-refundable Annual fee per child are charged once a year in October for September 1st- August 31st. This fee will be prorated for families starting after September 30th.

Discounts and Fees:

Sibling Discount: 10% on second child's tuition

Diapering Fee: 8% of tuition/month

Extra Daycare Charges: $12.00 per hour/fraction of an hour

The Jacquie Jones Scholarship Fund


The Jacquie Jones Scholarship Fund has been set up to honor Jacquie Jones—an exemplary teacher at Keystone.


Jacquie Jones started at Keystone in 2009.  She brought with her a wealth of academic knowledge and experience.


Jacquie enriched Keystone’s program and set a precedent above and beyond our highest expectations.


Due to her battle with cancer Jacquie can no longer be at Keystone full time but her strong influence on Keystone’s curriculum will always continue to guide and direct us as if she was there in the classroom herself.


As a small token of our appreciation we have created the Jacquie Jones Scholarship Fund to provide financial aid to benefit students currently enrolled at Keystone.  


The amount of the scholarship may vary and will be given to the most qualified applicants for as long as the funds remain available.


Eligibility is based on financial need and the developmental readiness of the child.  The award period is once a year, and applicants may re-apply for subsequent years.  A selection committee will review the applications and announce the recipients.


Please submit the application and the first two pages of most recent tax return to the Keystone office by e-mail at:

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