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School Events

Keystone has many visitors that come into the classroom throughout the year. This allows the children to see different career choices. It also allows them to get hands on experiences with different mammals, amphibians, reptiles and insects.

It is a lot of fun for the childrens' families to participate and share about their culture and celebrations. Parent involvement is always welcome and encouraged, but not required.

We also have bi-annual events where parents meet at the Julia Morgan Berkeley Ballet theater. Here are a few pictures and descriptions of organizations, events, and celebrations we have at Keystone.

El Cerrito Fire Department

Every year the El Cerrito Fire Department comes to visit and teaches us about fire safety awareness. They show the children the supplies they carry in their truck, and they even let them sit in the fire engine!

The E.C.F.D. reminds the children the safety drill "stop drop and roll" and they talk about E.D.I.T.H. (Exit Drills in the Home). The E.C.F.D. want to remind parents to talk with their children and prepare for an emergency by planning an exit route in their home in case of an emergency.


East Bay Vivarium

The Snowy Egret Classroom gets a visit from the East Bay Vivarium every year. The Vivarium brings all types of frogs, snakes, lizards, and other amphibians and reptiles for the children to see, touch, and learn about. Some of the animals we have seen are Tarantulas, Scorpions, a California Vingearoon, Horn Frog, an African Burrowing Bull Frog, a Fire Salamander, a Tortoise, a Turtle, a Leopard Gecko, an Australian Blue Tongued Skink, different kinds of snakes and "Elmo" the GIANT Monitor Lizard! Owen from the Vivarium brings these creatures and tells us lots of interesting facts about them.

Discovery Insect Museum

While the primary classes are studying insects, we have the discovery insect museum come and bring in lots of different bugs. The Discovery Insect Museum brings in bugs for the children to hold. The children are introduced to the Darkling Beetle, Eastern Lubber Grasshopper, a Giant African Millipede, Australian Walking Stick, Madagascar Hissing Cockroach, a Giant Thorny Walking Stick. Of course every insect they bring is safe. The children love touching them and letting them crawl up their arms!​

Dr. Matsuishi's Dentist Visit


Once a year we have volunteers from Dr. Matsuishi's Office come and talk to the primary classrooms about why it is important to brush our teeth. They talk about foods that are healthy for our teeth, and other foods that are not so healthy. ​​

Our friends from Dr. Matsuishi's office dress up in fun costumes and bring props to demonstrate the correct way to brush their teeth and make it fun and exciting!

Berkeley Ballet at the Julia Morgan Theater

Twice a year the Julia Morgan Theater invites Keystone to attend the ballet put on by their students. Each Winter they perform "The Nutcracker" and every Spring they have a different performance for the children and their families to see. Families that want to attend buy pre-sale tickets through Keystone and meet at the theater where they are grouped together to enjoy the show.

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