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Sandpipers Class (18 Months- 2.5 Years old)

The Sandpiper classroom is our toddler class. All of the amenities are child sized: the toilet, tables, and chairs are all at the child's level. The children all learn to be independent- to wash their hands, collect and put away their belongings and work, and use the potty.

The Fantasy/Dramatic play area is where the children learn social skills. They learn how to solve problems by communicating and the teachers use redirection to help the children make the right choices. Fantasy play activities include: baby dolls, cooking, shopping, baby strollers, setting the table (dishes)- everything the child needs to "play house".


Everyday the teacher's prepare art projects for every child corresponding to

whatever science unit they are studying at the time.

• The Practical Life area develops hand eye coordination, small motor skills, and concentration span. The children learn how to care for themselves and the environment. The practical life materials include: a hand washing table, baby doll washing, pretend food cutting activities, spooning, pouring, tonging, using basters, water play, food preparation, table scrubbing, sweeping, etc.

• The Pre-Language area is where the children learn the names of objects, animals, etc. The teachers will support the child’s language by reading them stories (individually or in a group) or telling the children names of different objects. They are always hearing the teacher’s words and absorb what they are saying.

• The Pre-Math area has counting activities for the children where they can start to recognize the numerical symbols.

• The Sensorial area is where the children distinguish the shape, color and dimension of objects.

• The Manipulative area is good for children’s hand eye coordination and socializing with each other.

Circle Time is a chance for the children to come together to sing songs, do finger plays, read stories and gather a sense of community.

Please click on the "Class Schedule" link above to view the Sandpiper's Classroom Schedule.

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