The staff and administration of Keystone Montessori School welcome you and your child to our school. If there are any questions, the teachers and the administration are available to discuss them.

Linda Shehabi​​

Administrator/Director of Keystone​​​​​​​​​​

Linda has been a school administrator since 1980 and has taught in Montessori classrooms for over 15 years.


She has a Primary Montessori Credential from the American Montessori Society and achieved her State of California Elementary Teaching Credential with a Specialization in Early Childhood Education from California State University-Hayward. Additionally, she is a graduate of UC Berkeley in Humanities.


Joseph Weaver

Head Teacher of the Blue Herons Class (2.5 years-4 years old)

​​Farrokh Shehabi

Business Manager of Keystone​

Farrokh has a B.S. degree in Engineering & Management from California State Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo and has been managing his own businesses since 1978.

Farrokh manages a ranch in Vacaville raising Peruvian Paso horses and organic Asian pears and walnuts. He also has a pottery studio on 8th street in Berkeley.

Windy Lui
Operations Manager of Keystone

Windy Lui has worked at Keystone since 2005 and studied Early Child Education at Contra Costa College.

Windy speaks Cantonese and English. She likes going to the gym and swimming. Windy is always looking for new restaurants to go to and she loves to eat!

Joe has been at Keystone since 1988, and grew up in the Bay Area. He got his B.A. at JFKU and his Masters in Montessori at St. Marys.

Joe likes working with children because they are always inventing new and interesting things to do.

When Joe has free time he likes to run, dance, walk, garden, read and cook. Joe enjoys designing some of his own classroom materials.

Dawn Nash

Head Teacher of the Sandpiper Class (18 months- 2.5 years old)

Dawn Nash grew up in Grants Pass Oregon and has been working at Keystone for over 20 years.

While her children were attending preschool she was offered a job at Keystone and has been working with children ever since. When Dawn has free time she enjoys going sailing with her family on their sailboat; they are members of the Richmond Yacht Club. Dawn also really enjoys gardening.

Dawn loves working with children because they put a smile on her face. Dawn Nash has completed all of the Montessori courses pertaining to the Toddler age group through Contra Costa College.


Sofia Vargas


Teaching Assistant and Art Teacher in the Snowy Egrets Primary Class

Sofia Vargas has been working at Keystone since 2006. Sofia studied Early Childhood Edication at the American College in San Francisco. Sofia grew up in Mexico and knew that she wanted to be a teacher ever since she was five years old. Sofia speaks Spanish and English.

Sofia loves working with children because they make her happy. One of Sofia's main focus' is to have each child grow up to be a nice person and it warms her heart to be part of that.

When Sofia has free time she likes to go to the library, read books, and cook. She also likes to take walks, do art, and cook delicious food.

Ernestina Montano

Aide for the Sandpipers and Transition Classes

Ernestina Montano grew up in Michoacan Mexico and moved to California when she was 17 years old. Ernestina has been working at Keystone since 2009. Ernestina speaks Spanish and English.

Ernestina has always loved working with children and has been working with children for over nine years. Ernestina likes to work on her garden and enjoys spending time with her family. Ernerstina also loves dogs, she has five chihuahuas and one pomeranian!


Edna Herrin


Head Teacher in the Snowy Egret Primary Class (3.5-5 years old)

Edna has studied Early Childhood Education at the Contra Costa College in San Pablo. Edna is fluent in Tagalog and English. Edna has been with Keystone since August 2009. ​Edna Herrin is currently completing her Montessori Certification  with the American Montessori Society through her studies at Contra Costa College.


Heloize "Lolo" Chu

Art Teacher and Aide of the Blue Herons and Sandpiper Class

Lolo has studied Early Childhood Education (Traditional and Montessori Programs) at the Contra Costa College in San Pablo. Lolo is originally from Brazil and she has a B.A. degree in Psychology. She studied Early Childhood Education in Brazil as well. Lolo`s mother was an educator and she wrote three children`s books.


Lolo loves to work with children because she wants to be a positive influence and a role model on the academic and character development of young ones. Seeing children`s accomplishments has always been rewarding for her. 

Lolo is passionate about teaching and making a difference in the lives of those children.  She considers teaching a very noble profession.

Norma Gutierrez


Teaching Assistant for the Blue Herons Primary Class

Norma has studied Early Childhood Education at the American College of Early Childhood Education in San Francisco. Norma is in charge of the Practical Life curriculum. She is fluent in Spanish and English. Norma has been with Keystone since January 2004.


Marissa Montano

Aide for the Sandpipers Class

Cecilia Baeza

​Aide for the Sandpipers and Transition Classes

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